Joost – invites [it]

JoostI’ve some new invitations!
Ho dei nuovi inviti!
J’ai des nouvelles invitations!

The invitations are alls assigned!
Gli inviti sono esauriti!
Les invitations sont toutes assigneées!

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5 responses to “Joost – invites [it]

  1. Kwaelbi Avatar

    salut !

    je suis interressé !

    merci d’avance

  2. Scott Riordan Avatar
    Scott Riordan

    all i know is, joost has opened my eyes just by me reveiwing the facts and all the hype behind it. i would greatly apreciate a invite, and would be a joost daily user. thank you, my email is

  3. Luca Palli Avatar

    Sorry but alls the invitations are already assigned! I’ll post when I have some new invitation.

  4. FGX Avatar

    salut, j’ai vu ques les invitations étaient illimitées maintenant,

    ce serait possible d’en avoir une?? :'(

    Merci 🙂

  5. JAy Avatar

    Salut! Si les invitations sont illimitées, serais-ce possible d’en recevoir une? Ce serais très gentil! Merci d’avance!