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  • Joost 0.9 [en]

    The new major version is out for the beta testers. The content has not changed but the interface is updated: The contents and the interface are updated: Some new channel New login username: attention you must select a username to replace the email at the first login New channel catalog explorer New Widget design Invitations […]

  • News – 31.03.2007 [en]

    HD content on Xbox Live: Microsoft has informed that the US Xbox Live Video Marketplace will be expanding with the addition of TV shows from A&E, ADV Films, National Geographic and TotalVid.com. [source] Hacking the Apple TV: a wiki to hack the Apple TV, but you are responsible and some reports that the device come […]

  • Zattoo in Denmark [en]

    On Monday, April 2 Zattoo will be available also in Denmark. [source]

  • News – 22.03.2007 [en]

    Transgear DVX-700 Type II: a excellent home media player, support a lot of audio and video formats (WMV, WMV HD, MPEG-1/-2/-4, MP3, AAC, WMA, PCM, OGG), support Google Video (maybe YouTube also?), support wired and wireless connections, has a DVD player and a removable hard disk. [source] Snowboarding & Travel channels on Joost: and maybe […]

  • News – 20.03.2007 [en]

    Dailymotion Beta: the new version is larger, clearer and with new functions (related videos, faster search engine, …). [source] LeLab.TV: alternative French web TV. [source]