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Joost 0.9.2 [en]

JoostA new version 0.9.2 is available. This version seems to work fine and correct the problems since the activation of the P2P distribution mode: before the content was distributed only in a “streaming” mode.

A mail from Joost support to the beta testers specify that it was a problem from a SSL certificate that must be renewed and was left hardwired in the 0.9.1 version.

News – 10.04.2007 [en]


About – english [en]

“Video Monte Ceneri” is a blog over all the kinds of videos available on the net or not.

On this blog I’ll write over all kinds the moving images available, know also with the video name. The videos formats can be very different: celluloid film, electronics signals (videotapes, analogical television, …) or digital (DVD, digital television, …).

Recently the video sector is moving rapidly, pushed by new technologies, and it’s difficult to have a global view over the numerous formats and contents. I’ll try to give some information, analysis and to
make discussion to inform and help all the people interested on it.

Zattoo – 2.2.7 [en]

ZattooZattoo, the P2P application for IPTV, has been updates:

  • Improved audio synchronization
  • Fixed Windows bugs, including Vista no sound problem
  • Fixed Mac channel switch bug
  • Fixed Windows hang on login and channel switch

Note to Windows users: please download player from zattoo.com if upgrade fails.

Zattoo reviews on this blog:

Joost 0.9.1 [en]

JoostThe version 0.9.1 of the Joost application is available, no information over changes, improvements, … maybe only a bug correction!