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  • News – 04.02.2007 [en]

    SLOBSERVER: Television news from and on Second Life in french. [source] Babelgum: a new P2P TV concurrent to Joost from an Italian and UK join venture. [source] Cuts – Share Your Take: a web based video editor using YouTube an MySpace videos. [source] mux video transcoder: a simple web converter for video formats. [source] vdiddy: […]

  • News – 02.02.2007 [en]

    AOL Video Movie Download Beta Test: a new video service from AOL. [source] Disney sold 1.3 million movies on iTunes: after only 3 months iTunes sold 1.3 millions movies and 20 millions television show. [source] New Google Video Search Interface: on the search page is now possible to scroll the video with 2 arrows. [source] […]

  • News – 01.02.2007 [en]

    Democracy Player 0.9.5 release candidate: a multi format video player (Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID, …), support RSS for podcast and videocast download, search on YouTube, support high definition images and use BitTorrent. [source] LG N1: The All-in-One Media Player: all-in-one digital media player with a 3.4-inch display, 192MB of memory, an SD card slot, […]

  • Video Monte Ceneri 0.1 [it]

    Un nuovo blog che tratta di tutte le forme di video disponibili in rete e non. Un nouveau blog qui traite de toutes les formes de vidéo existants sur le web et ailleurs. A new blog on all the video formats from the web and anywhere else.