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  • News – 10.02.2007 [en]

    MeeVee: make the TV guide for you. [source] Flash video editor: Photobucket will release a video editor build in collaboration with Adobe. [source] Web not redy for IPTV: Vincent Dureau from Google said that the web is not ready for high definition movies. [source] YouTube on cell phones: YouTube movies will be available on Vodafone…

  • News – 08.02.2007 [en]

    End on analogical television: the 25 june the french par of Switzerland will switch to DVB-T no more analogical television. [source] DRM on videos?: Jobs has written over DRM in music but not on movies, Disney love DRM? [source] France24: Orange will offer the french news channel on ADSL in Spain, Poland, Senegal and Mauritius.…

  • News – 07.02.2007 [en]

    Google Video on Orkut: now it is possible to integrate videos from Google Video on the Orkut social network. [source] Joost on Mac: a Mac-Intel alpha version of Joost is avalaible. [source] Portable Joost: demonstration of Joost on a ASUS R2H UMPC. [source]

  • News – 06.02.2007 [en]

    Thoughts on Music: Steve Jobs over DRM, Majors, … [source] Cisco and RAI: collaboration for a DVB-T (DTT) and IPTV box between the big network supplier Cisco and the italian public television RAI [source] YouTube on iPod: the best YouTube movies converteds for iPod and others MP4 players, also on iTunes. [source]

  • News – 05.02.2007 [en]

    Dump Cupid Video Card: YouTube offer 6 Valentine’s video cards. [source] 2 new services from Blinkx: Blinkx it add a video in yours pages based on it contents, “video wall” add a wall of videos in yours pages. [source]