LiveUniverse vuole acquistare Stage6, ci riuscirà ? [it]

LiveUniverseLiveUniverse sta cercando di acquistare Stage6, il sito di condivisione video in alta definizione (HD) chiuso recentemente da DivX.

Stage6LiveUniverse ha annunciato di aver fatto un offerta di 11 milioni di $ (7.2 milioni di €) per rilevare Stage6, ma DivX ha rifiutato e sembra non voler negoziare una possibile vendita del sito.

Probabilmente i problemi interni a DivX impediscono qualsiasi evoluzione della situazione a detrimento degli utenti che hanno perso un servizio particolarmente di qualità.

Il comunicato stampa:


— Consideration is combination of cash, stock, online carriage, and promotion of DivX software

1) LiveUniverse was and is willing to execute a definitive agreement immediately and close the transaction within approximately 72 hours.

2) After acquiring controlling interest in Stage6, LiveUniverse will merge Stage6 with four of its video entertainment websites that in aggregate generate over 200 million page views per month. The combined entity would be one of the top video sites online with over 400 million monthly page views. DivX will receive a 10% equity interest in the new entity.

3) LiveUniverse shall pay DivX $3,000,000 in cash.

4) LiveUniverse shall issue $5,000,000 in online advertising carriage to DivX. DivX will promote its products and services across LiveUniverse’s network of music, video, and social networking related websites receiving over 40 million unique monthly visitors. This will result in less marketing money spent by DivX. (standard rate card)

5) LiveUniverse’s Revver property will provide technical services, including leveraging its Revver Wrapper technology to properly track and share revenue with content creators. This will help to drive
interest in and grow the Stage6 site.

6) DivX/LiveUniverse Strategic Partnership over 36-month period: DivX and LiveUniverse would partner to sell DivX products across the LiveUniverse network. LiveUniverse would receive standard affiliate fees and commit to promote DivX across its network of properties.
LiveUniverse will generate enough sales to earn at least $1,000,000 in affiliate fees from sales of DivX software products over a 36-month period. Any shortfall will require LiveUniverse to pay for the
under-delivery. Typically an affiliate fee is 15-20% of revenue generated, therefore LiveUniverse would need to sell approximately $5 million in DivX products during the agreement term.

7) LiveUniverse will also contribute a license for its new LiveVideo community technology to vastly improve the Stage6 user experience and grow the community.


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