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  • News – 15.02.2007 [en]

    Television shows on YouTube: Digital Music Group will release over 4,000 hours of classic television shows. [source] Soapbox in public beta: Soapbox is the video sharing site from Microsoft. [source] [source] Video email: send video email from your webcam. [source] DVB-SH has been approved: DVB-SH (satellite services to handheld devices) is a hybrid (satellite/terrestrial) architecture. […]

  • News – 14.02.2007 [en]

    Cheap multimedia box: a simple and cheap multimedia player from LC-POWER. [source] Videos from web to Wii: StumbleUpon has released a new version of (the video player that match your interests) re-designed to work with the Wii. [source] VOY – Joost partnership: VOY’s channels (a variety of programming created by award-winning Latino producers from […]

  • News – 13.02.2007 [en]

    Democracy website in 18 languages: the front page is avalible in 18 language, help to translating the site. You can also help to translate the application in more as 40 languages. [source] Democracy Player 0.9.5 is now available! HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DRM hacked: both height definition movies format DRM have been hacked, making backup copies […]

  • News – 12.02.2007 [en]

    YouTube + Google Maps = iCommunity.TV: a collaborative broadcast network for local news, built with the intention to promote video as a media for citizen reporting. [source] Il Nissardo: italian podcast in this episode speak over movies on Internet. [source] Apple TV pushed to march: the ship date has been pushed back to the beginning […]

  • News – 11.02.2007 [en]

    10 reasons why movie downloads suck: pricing, small selection, no computer in the TV room, quality, force of habit, what’s the diff?, download speed, broadband flakiness, DRM restrictions and too complicated. [source] Vodpod: a multi-video embeddable player for your blog (test). [source] YouTube millionaires revealed: from wealthy backers to receptionist. [source]