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  • News – 22.03.2007 [en]

    Transgear DVX-700 Type II: a excellent home media player, support a lot of audio and video formats (WMV, WMV HD, MPEG-1/-2/-4, MP3, AAC, WMA, PCM, OGG), support Google Video (maybe YouTube also?), support wired and wireless connections, has a DVD player and a removable hard disk. [source] Snowboarding & Travel channels on Joost: and maybe […]

  • News – 20.03.2007 [en]

    Dailymotion Beta: the new version is larger, clearer and with new functions (related videos, faster search engine, …). [source] LeLab.TV: alternative French web TV. [source]

  • News – 19.03.2007 [en]

    Apple TV shipping on Tuesday: rumors say that the waited box from Apple is coming. [source]The rumors are confirmed, many users received their shipping notifications. [source] YouTube Video Awards: 7 categories: most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary, and most adorable. Users can vote all this week. [source] […]

  • News – 18.03.2007 [en]

    GOM player: a free multi-format video player for Windows, include many codecs, play broken AVI, support multiple subtitle formats, support many play-list formats, allow screen captures and many configurations (brightness, contrast, …). [source] HD on Macs: rumors say that the next MacBook Pro will integrate a Blu-ray player. [source] Motionbox: a simple and easy service […]

  • News – 15.02.2007 [en]

    AudioSwap and Streams: two new features from YouTube, AudioSwap for swap audio with licensed music, Streams for chatting with other viewers. [source] World Championship Sports Network: on Joost. [source] Online Video Industry Index: all the video resources on the web. [source]